Sergio Ambrosini

Developer - Occasional participation

Sergio Ambrosini, developer, tester & occasional collaborator of D4F Games. He collaborated on some D4F Games projects, like:

Cristiano Scrocca

Pixel Artist - Occasional participation

Cristiano Scrocca, pixel artist & occasional collaborator of D4F Games. Artist, pixelartist, comic, grapich. Instagram: He collaborated on some D4F Games projects, like:

Nicolò Lombino

Unity Developer

The passion for video games led me from playing them to creating them, so from May 2021 I started to deepen the development techniques, methodologies and best practices related to the game world development. Here my small projects available at the link

Ketty Piles

Community manager & Artist

Ketty Piles, community manager of D4F Games. He will shortly also occupy an artist role in one of the unannounced games. Facebook: Instagram: Cat Dimension concept art creator:

Johann Chobriat

Pixel Artist

Johann Chobriat, pixel artist & collaborator of D4F Games. Skills: artist, pixel artist, comic, grapich & trainer. Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: He collaborated on some D4F Games projects, like:


Music Composer

Luigi is 30 years old and is a pianist and composer, graduated from the G. Verdi conservatory in Milan. He has been involved in applied music for some time: that branch of music that is used for advertising, sound logos, videogames, films, cartoons, infographics and any modern multimedia product. He has worked a lot in…


Founder & Programmer

Antonella is a freelance game developer and #webdeveloper based in France, with some full-stack chops, too. She lives with an intense passion for #gamedevelopment, #animals and #judo. « Born as a web developer, I am studying self-taught to publish my own games. Always passionate about video games, being alone, I need support to succeed in my…